Jennifer Lopez is on the cover the latest issue of "Rolling Stone" and in it, opens up about her relationship with Ben Affleck. Among other things, she reflects on how much they've grown since calling off their engagement nearly 20 years ago.

And on that subject? Lopez says she doesn’t foresee a breakup in the future. "I won't talk about it a lot," she says. "We've both grown. We're the same, and we're different. And that's what's nice... we learned a lot. We know what's real, what's not real. So it's just — the game has changed."

How so? Lopez points to therapy and a newfound spiritual outlook. She's done feeling like she doesn't deserve her success and embracing what she has now. "I try to always live from a place of gratitude," she says. "But today, especially, if you ask me what my first thought was, it was, 'Thank you. Thank you, God, for this day. Thank you for my life, what it is.'"

Source: Rolling Stone

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