Do you have enough game to get the girl?

  1. What went wrong the first time?

Understand where you went wrong the first time around. Almost always, you may have suffocated her with your love or made yourself seem too easy to get for her. There’s a thin line between pleasing the one you love and behaving like her servant. Don’t cross that line and lose any self-respect you may have.

  1. Give her space

Okay, so she’s chosen to give you up. It sucks, but almost all the time, it’s because she doesn’t value you or think you deserve her respect. So, if you want a girl to like you again, stay away from her for your own good. Give her space, even ignore her for a few months so her respect for you can build up. If you pursue her now, she’ll treat you like a stray dog.

  1. Impress her from a distance

Be a great guy. Let her realize what she’s missing out on. Don’t behave like you’re depressed or broken-hearted. She’s not in love with you to feel sorry for you. She’ll only think you’re weak and pathetic. Instead, have fun. Be the cynosure of your workplace and enjoy yourself. You’ll make her secretly want your attention and company again.

  1. Let her know you’re still interested discreetly

She knows you like her a lot, and that’s the only reason she feels so confident to throw you around. She may like you too, but she may be forced to treat you badly to get the message across that she doesn’t want to date you. So, make it appear like you’re not interested in her if you want any girl to like you again and desire you even more.

  1. Be proud and have an ego

Don’t ever ask her out again after that conversation when she snapped at you. Don’t write sentimental love letters, long texts or emails asking for forgiveness. She’ll only take you more lightly. Respect yourself and keep your distance. Avoid liking too many of her posts on social media, stop commenting completely, you know, the whole nine yards. Talk to her if you must on a friendly basis, but keep the conversation short and always make her want more.

  1. Don’t be sweet with her

Make her miss that guy who used to flirt with her and sweet talk her. She threw you out, so make her regret that decision. Don’t behave rudely with her, instead, speak pleasantly but never flirt even if she tries to flirt with you. Remember, your objective is to make it appear like you’re completely over her so she can regret her decision.

  1. Make her miss you and want you

Eventually, both of you may get along on friendly terms. But avoid spending too much time with her. Even if you’re having a great conversation with her, excuse yourself and walk away like you’re genuinely busy. Unless she likes you again, she shouldn’t be getting the privileges of your past behavior.

  1. Make her jealous

But don’t make it obvious. Flirt with other girls or give them a lot of attention. Even if she tries to resist, she can’t help but get annoyed with you for ignoring her. The more you ignore her, the more she’ll want your attention. Even if she flirts with other guys, don’t let it bother you. It’s her way of trying to hurt you.

  1. Work on your self-esteem

Did you ever think that one of the reasons she doesn’t want you is because she feels a vibe of low self-esteem from you? That could be a very real possibility. People can sense a person who has no confidence… and is a bit desperate. And quite frankly, that is an unattractive quality, especially to a girl. That’s why a lot of them like “bad boys” because they exude an attitude that they’re better than most people. That’s not to say you should turn into a “bad boy,” just take some lessons from them. Work on yourself.

10. Talk to her friends *if applicable*

If you have mutual friends, then you can talk to them about how great your life is, even without her. You don’t have to name her by name, but if they ask you how you’re doing since she rejected you, then you should say things like “I’m doing great! How are you?” Don’t dwell on how heartbroken you are. Tell her friends how much you are enjoying life and not pining away for her. Inevitably, they will tell her what you said, which will make her wonder why you don’t miss her anymore.

11. Play hard to get

While playing games isn’t always a good strategy, sometimes it really does work to play hard to get. Why is that? Well, it’s just human nature. We all want what we can’t have. So, if she thinks she can’t have you back, that will make her want you. If you want to know how to get a girl to like you again after she rejected you, it’s time to play hard to get, the right way.

12. Is she warming up to you?

Do you ever catch her staring at you? Does she seem to take an interest in you? You can’t really make a move on her unless she’s getting attracted to you. Or all these earlier steps in getting a girl to like you again would be worthless. Try to find out if she’s interested in you again through her behavior. If you’ve played the earlier moves right, you may see that she’d try to get closer to you or have long conversations with you.

13. Make sure she wants you back

If you feel that she is coming around and might want to go out with you again, make sure you are 100% right this time. Sure, she may be warming up to you, but maybe she’s just being friendly. You don’t want to misinterpret her intentions.

14. Ask her out again

If you’re convinced that she may like you back, or if you feel like she’s warmed up to you after a while, see if you can get some alone time with her. Don’t cold-shoulder her anymore, instead flirt with her and see if she reciprocates. At a happy moment, cross your fingers and casually ask her if she would like to go out with you after work.

15. Don’t make the same mistakes

If she agrees to go out with you again, make sure you act differently this time. The first point in this feature told you to analyze what went wrong the first time. Hopefully, you figured that out and won’t do it again! If you do the same mistakes again, the relationship will just end up right where it was when she rejected you. So, you have to do things differently.

16. Don’t overanalyze

Now that you know how to get a girl to like you again, let’s say you are dating her again, this time around, you don’t want to overanalyze every little thing she says and does. Sure, you are scared this time and hope she doesn’t reject you again.

17. Accept the outcome and move on

Whether she agreed to go out with you again or she didn’t and rejected you for a second time, you just need to accept it. Pining away for her and being brokenhearted won’t really make your life any happier.

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