Happy Valentine's Day... Funky Facts!

 If you forgot to buy a Valentine's Day gift, here's your excuse. Just tell them that . . . statistically speaking . . . they probably didn't even WANT one.  (???)



A new poll asked people about the five main "love languages," and how they prefer to RECEIVE love. And gift giving ranked LAST.

The five main love languages in order of popularity are: Spending quality time together . . . being physically affectionate . . . saying nice things to each other . . . doing nice things FOR each other . . . and gift giving.

Here are a few more random facts and stats for Valentine's Day . . .

1. Google Trends looked at the "romantic" things we're googling more than usual. "Romantic getaway" is #1 in most states. "Romantic restaurant" is next, and then "romantic movies."



2.  Denny's is giving couples the chance to get married for free in Las Vegas today. A Denny's next to the Golden Nugget casino has a small chapel, and it normally costs $200 to get married there. It comes with a t-shirt and a free Grand Slam breakfast.



3.  Hallmark has 531 different Valentine's Day cards this year. So if you can't find a good one, maybe you're being too picky.



4. Candy is the most common gift people will give today, followed by a card, flowers, dinner, jewelry, clothing, and gift cards.



5.  Men will spend almost twice as much on presents . . . $235 compared to $119 for women. So it's not too shocking that most people think women receive BETTER gifts than men do. Almost all men think it's true, and half of women agree.



6. A lot of people phone it in though, and some of those gifts won't go over well. 36% of people say they've never gotten a Valentine's Day gift they loved . . . and we'll spend about $10 BILLION on unwanted gifts this year.



7. The least-wanted gifts include: A gym membership . . . tools . . . kitchen appliances . . . and cheesy stuffed animals.



8. 6% of Americans hate Valentine's day, and 5% think it's the most depressing day of the year.  (A poll last week found it's now the least popular major holiday.)



9. Around nine million proposals will happen today. Around half of Americans think it's romantic to propose on Valentine's Day.



10. 9% of Americans will buy flowers or candy for THEMSELVES today. 

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