Are You Hosting A Party Soon??

Hosting a party can be lots of fun, but there are always those guests who linger just a bit too long and don’t know when it’s time to leave. So, how do you let them know they've overstayed their welcome? Well, folks have some unique, and funny, ways of doing so, and now they are sharing.

Someone on Reddit asked fellow users “What is the best way to make unwanted guests leave faster?,” and the responses were kinda brilliant. 

They include:

  • “Slap your knees stand up and say alrighty then. They will take it as a sign that it’s time for the to leave and get up too. It’s an unspoken rule in Australia pretty sure it would work in other places.”
  • “I have a friend who just says 'ok off to bed. Can you turn off the lights on your way out?' He will literally just go to the room and go to bed. It was jarring at first but I respect the hell out of the move now.”
  • “We've found that the best way to get the guest to leave is to start doing the dishes. After drinks, dinner, dessert, and conversation, one of us will slowly migrate to the kitchen and start doing dishes. This is the cue for people to leave, and they always understand no matter who it is.”
  • “Just as you can and should just ghost a party (don't even say goodbye, just leave) you can ghost your own living room and go to bed. Unless you're worried about them stealing things?”
  • “Start staring at a random corner with a look of pure horror and do not stop until they say they're leaving.”
  • “Politely ask if they would like a cup of tea before they leave :)”
  • “When we have our unemployed friends over, that don't grasp that we have to get up and go to work in the morning, I will change into my pj's and start taking off my makeup. That is usually a big enough hint, at least for the women, then they take the guys with them.”
  • “My great-grandfather used to tell my great-grandmother, 'Callie, let's go on to bed now so these nice people can go home.'"
  • “Fall asleep.. my dad does that! He invites my uncle, and he'll stay for HOURS, my dad will just fall asleep in the chair until my uncles decides to stop starring at him and finally leave!”
  • “Fart. Like... repeatedly.”
  • “I like to say. 'get the f**k out.' Works like a charm.” 

Source: Reddit

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