Shoes On OR Shoes Off? That Is THE Question

There’s been a long-held debate amongst folks when it comes to shoes. When you go to someone’s house, do you take them off or leave them on? Do you do what you want, or what the host asks you to do? Well, a new survey set out to settle that debate.

A new YouGov poll finds:

  • The majority of Americans will do whatever the host asks them, although it’s not an overwhelming majority.
  • In fact, 55% of people say they will abide by a host’s request when it comes to wearing shoes indoors.
  • 23% of Americans prefer to leave their shoes on.
  • 22% would rather take their shoes off.

Now, when it comes to guests visiting their home, it seems most folks aren’t necessarily particular.

59% of those polled say they are okay with whatever their guests feel comfortable with.

  • 24% admit they’d prefer for guests to take their shoes off in their home.
  • 17% would rather they keep their shoes on. 

Source: YouGov

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