Gas Prices... YUCK!

Let’s face it, gas prices are way too high right now, and while some people may just suck it up and spend the extra money to fill up their tanks, a new survey shows others are planning to make some changes so they don’ take such a huge financial hit.

A new AAA survey finds:

  • Just weeks ago, when gas prices were at $3.53 a gallon two-thirds of Americans thought that was way too high.
  • With the national average now over $4 a gallon, folks have had enough.
  • 59% of Americans insisted that if gas prices went over $4 they would change their lifestyle or driving habits.
  • That number goes up to three-quarters of Americans if gas prices reach $5 a gallon, which it has in the West.
  • The major change folks will make due to gas prices is to drive less (80%).
  • 29% of 18 to 34-year-olds say they would be willing to carpool, three times more than those 35 and over (11%).
  • 68% of those 35 and older would save gas money by combing trips and errands, compared to 35% of those under 35.
  • Those 35 and older are more likely than those under 35 to say they would reduce shopping or dining out (53% vs. 43%).
  • But one thing most folks won’t change is their summer travel plans.
  • 52% of Americans are planning a summer trip, with 42% saying that they won’t change those plans no matter what the price of gas is. 

Source: AAA 

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