Annoying Co-Workers Are The Worst

There are benefits to going back to the office . . . probably . . . but reuniting with your insufferable coworkers is NOT one of them.

There's a thread online where people are talking about the things that their coworkers do that DRIVES THEM NUTS. The highlights include:

1. When they schedule a meeting, and then at the meeting they ask what the meeting should be about.


2. Sipping beverages loudly.


3. Using speakerphone for personal calls.


4. Asking questions while in a neighboring stall in the bathroom.


5. Strange eating habits . . . like eating popcorn with a spoon.


6. Pushing their MLM side-hustle on you.


7. Taking their shoes off at work.


8. Singing.


9. Being passive aggressive.


10. Talking non-stop about their pets . . . especially cats.


(Buzzfeed / Reddit)

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