Hot New Workout Trend

So much for "no pain, no gain." The hot new trend at gyms is . . . making sure you're relaxed and NOT breaking a sweat. A new report found gyms are offering more MELLOW workout classes as the pandemic eases.



They're seeing more demand for gentle workouts . . . things like guided meditation and easy yoga. And more gyms are adding dedicated "recovery" rooms too, with things like loungers and personal massagers. One guy who's in a stretching class said he just lies on a mat with a pillow for an hour . . . and compared it to nap time in preschool.



It's partly because we're all out of shape after two years on the couch, so people are taking it slow. But it's also because the pandemic shifted our priorities. We're less worried about looking good, and more concerned with FEELING good.

Originally posted on March 28th, 2022

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