Americans Don't Know Their Grandparents Real Name

ou'd think most of us would know this information. But there's a good chance you don't: Do you know all four of your grandparents' NAMES?



A new poll commissioned by found 53% of Americans do NOT.  (We think they mean first AND last, but they didn't specify.)



Now here's an even harder question: Can you name all eight of your GREAT- grandparents? Only 4% of us can do that one.



People in Boston are the most likely to know all four of their grandparents' names . . . 66% say yes. People in Philly are the least likely to know . . . only 26% can do it.



Two-thirds of people overall said they'd like to know more about their family history. Here are the top five things we'd like to find out . . .



1. Stories about your ancestors when they were young, and what their life was like.


2. Are they connected to any historical events?


3. Where did their last name come from, and what does it mean?


4. Did they have to overcome any hardships?


5. What region or country did they originally come from? 



(Ancestry / SWNS)


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