Today.... IS All About Your Ex

April 14th is Ex Spouse Day! This day recognizes one’s ex spouse. Why would you want to do that? Because you once loved someone enough to marry them. Look, we may get hitched with the best of intentions, but marriages don’t always fail because someone did something wrong. Sometimes, it’s because they weren’t as right for us as we first thought they were.

If you’ve got kids involved, you ought to be doing everything you can to show your kids the side of the relationship that once was. After all, it’s not a kid’s fault that their folks couldn’t sort things out.

Bottom line, recent statistics show that the divorce rate for first marriages is at 50%. So why NOT make the best of it? Some people find that they get along better after a divorce than they did during the marriage. Look, we know that all divorces can’t be friendly and even in the best of circumstances, the experience can be painful and traumatic. So what this day is really is about it making the best of things.

We’re not telling you to “celebrate a failed marriage,” but instead, to celebrate love, the letting go of anger and the children who were brought about from the love you once shared together. And no, it’s not like you need to give your ex a present – you do what you want to do. But whatever you DO choose to do, be cool – and be positive.

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