Every Day IS Mother's Day... According To Kids...

If you ask 100 kids what holiday should be EVERY day, 99 of them may say Christmas . . . and maybe there's ONE who says: Mother's Day. And that charmer is a keeper.

In a poll of 2,000 ADULTS, 60% said that every day should be Mother's Day. It sounds like it was a leading question . . . like "Do you think every day should be Mother's Day?" And there weren't other choices, like Christmas, or 4/20.  (???)

Here are some other Mother's Day stats from the poll:

69% of people say that moms don't get enough credit for all that they do . . . 70% say their mom is their best friend . . . and 63% said their mom is "a superhero who can take on any challenge and resolve it with grace."

The average person will spend about $300 on a Mother's Day gift this year.

And after two years of the pandemic, Mother's Day dining is apparently a big deal again. The app OpenTable reports that Mother's Day reservations are up 13% from last year . . . and up 39% compared to pre-pandemic life in 2019.  (So even though Mother's Day is more than two weeks away, maybe start planning now.)



(OnePoll / PR Newswire)

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