Mickey D's Fans Will Love This

McDonald’s has always removed certain menu items and brought them back over the years and their loyal fans have been suggesting the return of some of their favorites on Twitter. It sounds like the company has been listening and rumor has it that these four items may be coming back soon:

  • Snack Wraps – One of the most requested return items. It’s breaded chicken in a flour tortilla with a little cheese and ranch dressing. It first showed up on menus in 2006 and disappeared in 2016. There was a rumor on TIkTok last year that the Snack Wrap …time will tell!


  • The BTS Meal – We told you about the introduction of the BTS meal back in April of 2021. The meal was a collaboration with the popular Korean band and consisted of a combo of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries and a Coke along with Cajun And Sweet Chili dipping sauces. It was the most successful meal collaboration in the restaurant’s history and the fans really want it back on the menu.
  • McPizza – Introduced back in 1989, it was only available after 4pm and took a long time to prepare so it failed. But it DOES exist at Epic McD, the world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s in Orlando. In fact, it’s still is available 24 hours a day so it’s possible there will be a return to the menu in the future.
  • All Day Breakfast – This was a victim of the pandemic when McDonald’s decided to only sell breakfast during morning hours only. There have been reports of some locations still selling breakfast items all day, but in general most stuck to morning only. Breakfast takes a little more time to prepare than lunch and McDonald’s has been working with franchise owners to decide if they want to go back to All Day Breakfast on a case-by-case basis, so there is still hope that it may return permanently.




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