A Great Naming Your Baby Hack... Go To Starbucks

 Mother's Day is over, but here's something for SOON-to-be moms and dads . . .



Someone posted an idea on a mommy blog for testing out baby names to see how people react. And it might be brilliant.



If you're worried that a name you like is too WEIRD, use it the next time you order at STARBUCKS.



When they ask for a name, give them the baby name you want to use, and you'll learn three things . . .



1. Can the barista easily SPELL it correctly on your cup?


2. Can they PRONOUNCE it when your order is ready?


3. How will other people REACT when they hear the name?



The idea is it's better than relying on friends and family, who might just be nice. But if strangers think it's weird or dumb, it'll show.

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