Why Cougars Like Younger Men


If you asked a guy who dates much-younger women WHY he does it, he'd say "looks" or he'd be lying. But maybe that's not the case for women who date younger men.



A dating site called CougarLife.com polled its members and asked them to name the top benefits of dating a guy who's 10-or-more years younger than them. And the most popular answer was guys like that are more OPEN-MINDED.  (Sure, ladies . . . sure.) Physical attractiveness ranked second, and having a "free spirit" ranked third.



They also asked men to name the top benefits of dating a cougar. The top three answers were they're more emotionally mature . . . they tend to have more financial freedom . . . and they're more successful at work. So, two of those are about money.



The top drawbacks to dating someone who's much older or younger include: You've got nothing in common . . . your friends have nothing in common . . . and people will probably judge you for it.

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