Parents Say No 23 Times A Day

Here's a reminder for parents that you're a total BUZZKILL . . . to your kids anyway. A survey found we have to tell our kids "NO" an average of 23 times a day, or 8,400 times a year. Here are the most common questions parents say no to . . .


1. "Can I stay up late?"


2. "Can I have a snack before bed?"


3. Asking to buy something random every time you're at a store.


4. More screen time in general.


5. "Can't I just do my homework later?"


6. Using their phone, computer, or iPad in bed.


7. Watching R-rated movies.


8. Using their phone at meal times.


9. Snacking in between meals.


10. Playing outside at night.



The requests we have the hardest time saying no to involve snacking between meals . . . climbing in bed with you . . . and putting off homework.



Kids shouldn't complain too much though. The poll also found parents say "YES" an average of 24 times a day . . . one more time than they say "no." 




Kid girl upset, offended or bored ignoring parents and brother

Photo: Getty Images

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