Be Careful Driving Today!

 Here's some potentially life-saving info for the first day of fall: Slow down and be a little more careful on the roads, because there tend to be more CAR CRASHES today.



The fall equinox is when the sun rises exactly in the east, and sets exactly in the west. And that can cause some serious windshield glare.



A lot of the country's major roadways are oriented east-to-west. So a lot of us will be driving directly into the sun on our commute.



It's a problem this time of year in general, not just today. And it happens around the spring equinox in March too. Here are a few things that can help . . .



1. Windex the outside AND inside of your windshield. There's a lot less glare when it's clean.



2. Keep sunglasses handy. It's not summer anymore, but you still need them. Polarized sunglasses work best.



3. Slow down. The sun can still momentarily blind you, even with sunglasses on. And keep in mind that other drivers might be struggling too. 

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