BEST Places To Get Halloween Costumes Online

We're just over a month from Halloween. Have you figured out costumes yet? If you wait too long, you have to settle for whatever's left after all the stores are picked over. But it's still early enough to shop online.



Here are a few of the best sites for Halloween costumes . . .



1.  Amazon. If you DO wait too long, it's your best last-minute option.


2. It's a good place for video game-related costumes.


3. They've got a lot of trendy costume ideas.


4.  Etsy. It's good for handmade, one-of-a-kind stuff. But don't wait much longer.


5. It's a good place for kids' costumes.


6. They've got stores everywhere, but also a website.


7.  Target and Walmart. They're always a good budget option, especially for kids.


8. It's the go-to spot for SEXY costumes. A few on their current "most popular" list include sexy firegirl . . . sexy Sherlock Holmes . . . sexy "Top Gun" characters . . . and sexy gummy bear.  (???)



(Huff Post)

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