Things We Shouldn't Brag About

 Every now and then people will forget that they're not as anonymous as they think online . . . and they start to brag about something they REALLY shouldn't boast about.



There's a thread online where people are sharing examples . . . specifically when the bragging becomes a "red flag." Here are 15 of them . . .



1. Boasting about being a good person.


2. About how little sleep they get.


3. About how easily they can manipulate people.


4. About how they can "drive great drunk."


5. Bragging about money.


6. About how many hours they work . . . as if "only" working 40 hours is weak.


7. Boasting about their intelligence.


8. About getting into / winning fights.


9. About never reading books.


10. About going to jail or doing time in prison.


11. About how popular they were in high school or how hard they partied.


12. Bragging about being "cut from a different cloth" or "built different."


13. About how they're friends with a disabled person . . . or how they have "friends" among a certain race or minority group.


14. Boasting about anything sex-related.


15. About the drugs they've done, or the messed up stuff they did while high.




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