Get Buried Alive For $57,000

Here's something for Halloween that would be a little scarier than a lame haunted house . . .



A start-up in Russia is offering to BURY PEOPLE ALIVE and dig them back up, just to see what it's like.



It's supposed to give you a renewed lust for life, and comes with a full, fake funeral according to your religious customs.



The price tag is equally as scary as the deed itself . . . just under $57,000.



There's also an "online funeral" version that only costs $15,000. It supposedly offers "divine healing" . . . "stress therapy for fears and anxiety" . . . and helps you "close chapters" in your life. But you don't get buried alive if you do that one.



57 grand might seem like a lot. But there's a nice perk that comes with it: You get to keep your coffin as a souvenir. 



(Moscow Times)

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