National Cheese Lover's Day

It's National Cheese Lover's Day. And there are around 1,800 varieties of cheese around the world . . . meaning that it would take FIVE YEARS to go through them all if you tried a new one every day.



If you ARE up for eating cheese every day, the people at are looking for people to help them with a study.



They want to test out the theory that eating cheese before bed gives you nightmares . . . and if some cheeses have more of an effect than others.



They're hiring FIVE so-called "dairy dreamers" who will eat various cheeses before bed every night for THREE MONTHS. You'll be told which cheeses to eat when. They will pay for the cheese AND give you $1,000 when you're done.



You'll have to track your sleep and keep a journal of your experiences . . . particularly any dreams or nightmares you may have.



You can apply through their website. The biggest qualifications are: Being at least 21 . . . owning a smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks sleep . . . and being able to sleep ALONE for three months, starting in March.



The deadline to apply is February 10th. 

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