Weird Food Combos People Swear By

Do you have any weird food combos you love, but most of us would find WEIRD? Someone asked Reddit, and the post blew up this week. It's racked up more than 18,000 comments.



Here are 20 weird food combinations people swear are good . . .



1. Corn Flakes on ice cream.


2. Tuna sandwich with barbecue chips inside.


3. Strawberry jam on a fried egg.


4. Salt-and-vinegar chips topped with sauerkraut.


5. Chili on a cinnamon roll.


6. Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Peanut butter was a big ingredient in general. People also said peanut butter on pancakes, and a PB&J with tortillas instead of bread.


7. Cream cheese and sautéed onions on a hot dog. That's actually something called a "Seattle Dog."


8. Fries dipped in soy sauce.


9. Fries dipped in mashed potatoes and gravy.


10. Mashed potatoes with chicken noodle soup instead of gravy.


11. Cereal with yogurt instead of milk.


12. Pinto beans mixed with cottage cheese.


13. Cottage cheese rolled up with baloney, and seasoned with salt and pepper.


14. Baby carrots dipped in ketchup.


15. Pringles dipped in chocolate pudding.


16. Fritos dipped in applesauce.


17. Warm milk with pepper and cinnamon mixed in.


18. Popcorn and grapes.


19. Kiwis, but leave the skin on. The skin is actually good for you.


20. Shove a big pretzel stick in a banana. Someone's grandma called it "Bananas with Bones." Reddit has now renamed it "BONE-anas." 




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