Something For Your Super Bowl Party

If you're hosting a Super Bowl party, you may need some last-minute advice on FOOD. And since this is football, you can't go wrong with chili, wings, and of course dips.



Google Trends released data on the most-searched DIPS in America over the past week . . . and pretty much every state has a unique favorite.



Like, people in California are searching "bean dip" . . . in Texas, it's "corn dip" . . . in Florida, "seven-layer dip" . . . and "taco dip" is #1 in multiple states, including Connecticut, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Missouri . . . the home of the Chiefs.



Buffalo chicken dip is big in Pennsylvania . . . the home of the Eagles . . . and many other states agree, like Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, Indiana, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Hawaii, and South Carolina.



The stranger ones include: People in West Virginia searching for "fruit dip" . . . and Montana searching "no-bake peanut butter dip."  (???)



By the way, the most-searched chicken wing flavors in America are: Lemon pepper . . . Buffalo . . . honey garlic . . . BBQ . . . and teriyaki, in that order.



(Google Trends - Super Bowl

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