Happy Love Day

If you haven't bought anything for your significant other yet . . . here's the ultimate gamble: Can you get away with getting them . . . NOTHING?



In a new Valentine's Day poll, 26% of Americans say they aren't expecting their significant other to spend ANYTHING on them this year.



35% said they expect their Valentine to spend under $50 . . . 30% said it will probably be between $50 and $100 . . . and only 9% said they're expecting it to be more than $100.  (A recent survey found the average person was planning to spend about $130 this Valentine's Day.)



It sounds like this is specifically about GIFTS . . . not a romantic dinner at a restaurant, which can easily get to $100. And they did bring up the economy, so maybe the responses were more realistic than in an ideal world.



About 20% of people said that buying a Valentine's Day gift is worth going into credit card debt for . . . and men were FAR more likely to agree with that.




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