People Are Annoying

There's a chain on social media where people are talking about the "little things" that make them "irrationally angry." And let me just say, when it comes to being minor annoyances, WE ARE NOT A DIVIDED COUNTRY.



Here are the best ones . . .



1. When the motion sensor on a paper towel dispenser doesn't work.


2. When people speed up when you signal a lane change.


3. People who B.S. an answer instead of admitting they don't know something.


4. Headphone cords getting snagged and yanking you AND what it's caught on.


5. People who don't pick up after their dogs.


6. Social media "pranks" that are just people wasting food.


7. People cutting in line . . . or letting several of their friends cut in line.


8. Someone who won't text . . . who calls . . . and leaves a vague voicemail, like saying, "Call me back, I need to talk to you about something."


9. Or . . . getting texted "Can I ask you a question?" Please, just ask the question. It's annoying when you have to say "yes," and then wait on the eventual question.


10. People who don't return their shopping carts at grocery stores.


11. YouTube recommending videos that don't start with the first one of a series.


12. When people tell you to do something . . . AS you're already doing it.


13. The buzzing of a fly's wings.


14. When you take a bite of a sandwich and all the fixings slip out the back.


15. When people talk in baby voices.



(Buzzfeed / Reddit)

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