Whataburger ... THE HEALTHIEST?

 If you're craving a fast food cheeseburger, you're probably not TOO concerned with what's HEALTHY. But some cheeseburgers ARE worse for you than others.



There's a new study out . . . by the nutritionists at Gambling.com (???) . . . which ranked the healthiest fast food cheeseburgers, based on things like calories, fat, sugar, and sodium per ounce.



In the end, the Whataburger with Cheese is #1, followed closely by the cheeseburger at In-N-Out.  (Texas is in good shape . . . they have the most Whataburger locations and the second most In-N-Outs.)



Rally's (a.k.a. Checkers) is a distant third, followed by Culver's . . . Del Taco . . . Dairy Queen . . . Carl's Jr. (a.k.a. Hardee's) . . . and then McDonald's. Five Guys is ninth, then Wendy's.



Then there's another drop-off, followed by one last chain: Burger King scored as the unhealthiest . . . by far.  (It didn't even get included in the graphic.)




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