It's National Cereal Day!

It's National Cereal Day . . . and that includes all your favorite brands AND also the healthy ones, like Colon Blow or whatever.



In a new poll on foods, 89% of people say they prepare cereal by pouring it in . . . and then adding milk . . . like normal. But 11% of people claim they put the MILK in the bowl first. Some say it gets less soggy that way.  (Okay, but isn't it MESSIER that way?)



Here are some other food results from the poll . . .



57% of people said YES to the classic question: Should pineapple go on pizza?


59% of people say they consider tomatoes to be vegetables, not fruits . . . although that's not really up for debate.


9% of people put ketchup ON their fries, rather than on the side.


87% keep their ketchup in the fridge, 13% put it in the cupboard.


60% opt for smooth peanut butter over crunchy.


And 67% of people would prefer eating corn while it's ON the cob.

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