What Did You Learn Late In Life?

Everyone has SOMETHING that they figured out years or DECADES after they should have. 

 There's a thread online where people are sharing the things they learned "embarrassingly late-in-life," and here are a few good ones:



1. That the Porta Potty doesn't somehow know when someone's inside . . . the sign only changes to "occupied" when you physically lock the door.



2. That whole milk is usually only around 3% fat . . . "I always thought it was 100%, and when I saw reduced as being 2% I thought, 'Why wouldn't they do 50%, or somewhere in the middle?'"



3. That jackalopes are mythical creatures. Or that narwhals are REAL animals.



4. Someone thought prima donna was "pre-Madonna" . . . meaning that the person was starting to behave like Madonna. "Like they're pre-Madonna now, and will eventually go full-Madonna."



5. Other misconceptions: Someone didn't realize people were saying "a coma," and thought people could fall into "acoma." And another person didn't realize the word was "euthanasia," and thought people were saying "youth in Asia."



6. Maybe you can blame this one on "Grey's Anatomy": Someone thought Mick Jagger's name was "McJagger."



7. That when you're an adult you don't need to buy shoes that are "a little loose, so you can grow into them if you get taller."



8. That pineapples grow on the ground, and not in a tree.



9. Someone said, "I didn't know that pickles were made from cucumbers until I was 24 and in the middle of getting my bachelor's."



10. And one person said, "While watching 'Game of Thrones', I asked my husband when dragons went extinct. He had to pause the show for that one." 





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