Are There Dumb Questions?

They say there are no dumb questions, but here's one: Is cereal "soup"? (???) Over 20,000 people took an online poll, and 1 in 9 said YES. 11% of us think that in a technical sense, cereal is also soup.



Here are five more ridiculous questions, and how people answered . . .



1. Can you smell air? 68% said yes. 32% said no, you can smell stuff IN the air, but not air itself.  (Here's Merriam-Webster's definition of "air": "The mixture of invisible, ODORLESS, tasteless gases that surrounds the earth.")



2. Is tea just dirty water? 18% said yeah, pretty much.



3. Is Santa having elves ethical? That's assuming they get room and board, but no actual money. We're split on that one: 53% said yes, and 47% said no.



4. Is a smoothie really just baby food for adults? 17% said yes to that one.



5. Does pizza taste better in a square or a circle? 25% think square pizza is better. 




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