Most Epic Senior Prank

 Over-the-top senior pranks have been in the news this week. Kids in Maryland put their high school up for sale on Zillow. And kids in North Carolina filled their school's toilets with CEMENT.



Now another one that happened a few weeks ago is making the rounds. And this one's got video. How would YOUR principal have reacted if you did this?



An entire class of high school seniors in Delaware pranked their principal . . . by sneaking into her HOUSE in the middle of the night and sleeping on the floor.  (!!!)



As dumb and dangerous as that sounds, nothing bad happened. And their principal handled it pretty well.



Her name is Joy McGrath. She's the head of a private Christian school about 30 miles outside Wilmington.



They snuck in at 1:00 A.M. with blankets and pillows, and basically had a big sleepover on the first floor of her house.



She didn't find them until 6:00 A.M. when she walked downstairs to make coffee. Thankfully, she WAS wearing clothes . . . a robe and yellow Crocs.



When she opened the door to her kitchen, the whole place was FILLED with kids. According to the video, the entire senior class was in on it. It's a small school, but that's still something like 60 or 70 kids.



You can tell it freaked her out for a second, because she opened the door and immediately shut it again. But then she poked her head in and had fun with it.



Instead of getting mad, she called it "the most beautiful sight [she] could imagine." She was mostly just amazed they managed to sneak in without waking her up. 



(NY Post)

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