What In The World Was This Janitor Thinking?

It's a good thing this janitor didn't work at a HOSPITAL.



There's a lab in upstate New York called the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute . . . and they're suing a cleaning company, because three years ago, a janitor who was working there ruined DECADES worth of research.



The lab had a "super-cold freezer" holding "cell cultures, samples, and other research elements." The freezer made a BEEPING sound . . . and there were signs explaining that this is normal, and how it could be muted.



But the janitor found the beeping to be "annoying," so he unplugged the freezer. That caused the temperature to slowly rise from minus-112 degrees Fahrenheit to minus-25.6 . . . enough to wipe out 25 years of research.



In the lawsuit, the lab says that it caused more than $1 million in damages. The cleaning company hasn't commented.



(Times Union)

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