Back To School Begins This Month

Most schools are starting back up in the next month. So a lot of Americans are gearing up for those stressful early mornings again.



A poll asked parents AND teachers what their first thought is each morning during the school year. The most common answer from both was, "I have SO much to do today."



Half of parents and teachers don't always get enough sleep once school starts up, and "me time" takes a hit too. The average parent only gets 1 hour and 16 minutes of it at the end of each day. For teachers, 1 hour and 12 minutes.



The poll also asked parents to name the most common MISTAKES they've made while getting their kids ready for school.



1. Forgetting to pack them a lunch.


2. Oversleeping and running late.


3. Forgetting to feed them breakfast.


4. Dressing them in a mismatched outfit.


5. Giving them the wrong lunch.  (Like instead of their tuna sandwich and apple juice, they get your White Claw and weed brownie.)


6. Giving them the wrong backpack.


7. Forgetting to pack specific school materials they need that day.


8. Forgetting to pack extracurricular stuff, like sports equipment.




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