This Is A Unique Level Of Dumb By This Guy.. Whoa

 This is just a unique level of dumb right here: Cops in Nebraska released audio from March, where a guy called 911 to report that someone was driving the WRONG DIRECTION down a highway.



But it turned out the guy missed one minor detail: HE was the one driving the wrong way.



He told 911 that a truck almost hit him head on, and nearly ran him off the road. So they sent a cop out to stop whoever it was.



But when the cop eventually caught up with the wrong-way car, the guy who called 911 was sitting in the driver's seat.



By that point, he'd realized his mistake. When the cop asked if he knew why he got pulled over, he said, "Yeah, because I was on the wrong side of the road." He added that he "must have missed an exit."



But the real reason was . . . he'd been doing some drinking. They arrested him when it turned out he was over the legal limit. 



(Fox News


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