GOOD NEWS: Brave Bystander Rescues Teen From Car Submerged In Water
GOOD NEWS: Man Missing For Six Nights Found Near Mount St. Helens
GOOD NEWS: Firefighters Buy Supplies And Fix Man’s Roof
GOOD NEWS: NY Library Now Lends Ties For Job Interviews
GOOD NEWS: Quadruple Amputee Bride Walks Down The Aisle
GOOD NEWS: Girls Stop Kidnapping Attempt With Hot Coffee And Slurpees
GOOD NEWS: Crows Trained To Pick Up Litter At Park
GOOD NEWS: Police Rescue Bride From Flooded Car On Her Wedding Day
GOOD NEWS: Parents Buy Car For Teacher Who Took Buses To School
GOOD NEWS: People Donate Frequent Miles To Reunite Immigrant Families
GOOD NEWS: Barber Gives Free Haircuts And School Supplies To 100 Kids
GOOD NEWS: Evacuees Thank Firefighter For Watering Garden


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