Lunchbox Blames Morgan For Not Selling Pallet Items

Lunchbox needed to sell the items from the pallet he invested in by having Morgan take pictures of them, list them online and then have listeners call in to purchase the item they wanted.  

Lunchbox said they started taking pictures but had to scale back operations because Morgan has been under the weather all week. Morgan said that’s not an excuse for him to not have listed the items yet because she never bought into the pallet or agreed to help him list the items online. Lunchbox is not the best at social media and thinks Morgan should do it since she is the social media person on the show.  

Morgan has been dealing with vertigo all week, so Lunchbox didn’t ask her to take anymore pictures. They took about 15 pictures last week but then he wanted to take a break. Since then, she hasn’t heard anything more about it and there has been no progress with the pallet items, and they need to start clearing the room out.  

Bobby Bones is giving Lunchbox one more week to get the items listed and if they aren’t, then they may just end up throwing the items out and calling it a loss.  

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