Trouble In Paradise: Justin & Ray No More....

Weds Post Show (4-17-24)

Bobby talks about an elephant that escaped in Montana and was running wild. Bobby talks about feeling more sorry for animals than humans in TV shows and movies. We get Movie Mike’s thoughts on For King + Country’s new movie coming out next week. Bobby talks about the news of a kid who was suspended for bringing a bag of chips to school and a former morgue manager who was busted selling body parts.

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Wed Full Show: Lunchbox Wants Royalties For Show + Amy Finished Punishment

Lunchbox feels he deserves Royaltie checks for appearing on an Amazon Prime show. Plus, Amy finally finished her punishment of having to watch all 10 'Saw' movies, find out her thoughts and more!

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Wed Early Bird: Morgan's Man In Uniform Returns + Eddie's Stolen Package

Morgan's 'man in uniform' returns home after being away for three weeks and she shares an update on how things are going between them. Plus, someone stole Eddie's package at the studio!

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Tues Post Show (4-16-24)

Bobby asks Abby about her posting a picture with her boyfriend. That leads us to Lunchbox and his history of having issues with the ladies boyfriends of the show. We get into Bobby’s sleep troubles last night and why he’s experiencing brain fog today. A voicemail wants to know if Lunchbox’s wife listens to the show and how she feels about how Amy has been flirty with him lately. Bobby runs through the crazy news he didn’t get to on the show.

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Tues Full Show: Eddie's Possible Kidney Donation & Bobby’s New Basketball

Eddie found out his uncle got both of his kidney's removed and he thinks it might be the sign he's been waiting for to finally get tested to see if he's a match. Then, a listener is sending Bobby a basketball gift! Plus, we play the Wheel of Trivia for the jar of money that's been sitting in the studio and more!

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(Tues Early Bird) Lunchbox Spots Fake Celebrities! + Amy's Latest Sign + Mailbag: Wi-Fi Freeloader

Lunchbox went to downtown Nashville and spotted "fake celebrities" like Kenny Chesney, Lainey Wilson and more! Then, find out the latest sign Amy saw. Mailbag: For the past 6 months our listener has been using their neighbor's Wi-Fi. Our listener went to their house once & the neighbors gave them the password, so they've stayed on the Wi-Fi. Should our Wi-Fi freeloader start chipping in to pay for it?

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Do THIS Next Time You're Angry or Upset (5th Thing)

Talking about your feelings is important, but there’s an anger management hack you need to try because new research shows that it can help alleviate feelings of anger and hostility. Amy & Kat share this hack + the most common friendship icks + documentaries they recently watched (Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV & Blackfish) + how to make texts unread!

Today's quote: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”  — Scott Adams


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#447 - Zach Top on Jake Owen’s Support of His Music + Growing up Homeschooled and Playing in Family Band + Booking His First at 7 Years Old Over the Phone

Rising country artist Zach Top (@Zach_Top) sat down with Bobby Bones to talk about his fast-rising music career, his upbringing and more. Zach's debut album Cold Beer & Country Music came out April 5th and he talked about what the title means and the process of writing the songs for the record. He also shares how he did not want to post his music on TikTok but then his song "Bad Luck" went viral. Zach also tells Bobby how he feels about Jake Owen supporting his music and saying that he "predicts he is about to change country music in a big way." Zach recalls growing up being homeschooled, playing in his family band, how he started taking music business calls when he was only 7, dropping out of college and moving to Nashville and more! 


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No Podcast? We Lied To You

Did you really think we would leave you without a podcast? We just wanted to see if you would be okay with us missing a day. The Masters turned out to be anticlimactic but we got to see Tiger Woods look human on the golf course. UFC 300 was one for the ages so we will talk about all the fights that we didn't see and Lunchbox's kids are addicted to chocolate milk.  

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